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Procurement and Supply Chain:

Description of services: SMART Insight's Procurement Advisory Group provides client organizations in the Service, Manufacturing, and Public Sectors with high value process analysis that creates targeted efficiency gains. We provide a peerless awareness of the efficiency that can be gained through process improvement and leveraging an entity’s existing technology and staff.

What we do: Federal Acquisition Regulations Compliance, Risk-based Auditing, Risk Analysis, Process Mapping, Process Improvement, Procedure Analysis, Staff Assessment and Training, Sustainable/Green Procurement, Vendor Pool Development

Abstract: Procurement is a subject area that is uniquely vulnerable to time & financial losses due to incorrect assessment of people, processes, or technology. All three must work seamlessly to allow your procurement organization to meet your business needs. Our client had a substantial need to improve procurement efficiency and equivalent political pressure to do so quickly.

Challenge: “It takes too long to buy simple things.” “We don’t want to use the procurement authority because they are too slow.” Public Procurement, Private Supply Chain Management, when they work properly allows government or companies can achieve multiple public policy aims and purchase at economies of scale. When it doesn’t work, it is a source of major delay, and causes employees and citizens to lose faith in the competence of the people in charge.

How we helped: We performed a comprehensive assessment and process mapping for the current state procurement systems of a major municipal government’s citywide procurement authority. We created an as-is process map that quantified the current strengths and opportunities for improvement. Further, over the course of a fiscal year, we guided the client’s implementation of a semi-automated procurement management process, thereby reducing redundancy and cutting cycle time by nearly 35%. This solution allowed for the efficient reallocation of staff, the improvement of client agency satisfaction, and the reduction of operating costs, thereby allowing the agency to maintain current service levels that would have otherwise reduced staff by 5%.