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Human Capital Managment
Description of services: Having an entire tool box is no good without the right tool for the job. Similarly, it is essential to business efficiency to identify the right, properly trained, candidate for the specific needs of your business. SMART Insights Group specializes in just that. Every business need requires a detailed examination of your company’s current state and an assessment of their future goals and milestones. It is pertinent not only to think about today’s business needs, but to consider your employees as assets of your organization that require cultivation and retention to establish a legitimate talent supply chain.
What we do: Workforce Planning, Candidate Attraction, Selection and Retention, Skills Assessment/ Management/ Development, Managerial Coaching, Personnel Cost Planning, Performance Management, Emotional Intelligence Identification and Staff Augmentation

Abstract: When first identifying a problem, managers often make the mistake of prematurely diagnosing a symptom as the problem. When faced with a disconnect between the input and output of your business needs, your core solutions will come from one of three areas: People, process, or technology. Our client contacted us with a diagnosis in mind and asked us to deliver the solution they based off of frustration. They suggested, “terminate my employees and find new ones”. The difficulty with this method is that there may be other factors that cause or contribute to the inefficiencies of the business. As we were brought onto the engagement, we took a strategic approach to delineate the pain points, from the symptoms, from the solutions.

Challenge: “My staff is not properly trained or managed”. “Manager X is not doing his or her job”. “ I need new staff”. Many organizations sorely discount the value of the organization knowledge that is germane to tenured employees. Moving too fast to remove employees and replace them may cost invaluable work/educational equity that in many cases is irreplaceable. Often this seems like the quick solution to resolve frustrations your company may be facing.

How we helped: We assisted by taking a true assessment of the current needs of the organization and assess where the needs are lacking, based on the employees that are in the current role- in which they were hired and currently trained to do. This important distinction is often times what makes the difference on whether to terminate an employee, vacate the role all together, or provide training to close the skills gap. Rather than move quickly based on the client’s initial suggestion to fire everyone and rehire for the roles they suspected needed refilling, SMART provided a comprehensive needs based assessment. This saved jobs, saved time and money. Working with HR, we provided the client with the right tool they needed at the right time- within their current budget.