Services Overview

Our Services:

Our practices are consistently guided by principles of integrity, common sense and good business judgment. SMART Insights actively promotes and adheres to the highest standards of ethical leadership and corporate governance in all that we do.

Contracting, Procurement & Supply Chain Management

Our Contracting, Procurement & Supply Chain transformation services are intended to supplement your internal resources when, where and how you need them. We are capable of providing assistance or guidance in all aspects of contracting, procurement and supply chain management. We will partner with you to achieve your savings targets, which will enable you to use those savings to fund other ontracting, procurement or supply chain initiatives. We can assist in any phase of your processes; from source selection, to maximizing competition, spend analysis and benchmarking to contracting and negotiation. Anna, please provide specific services under this service area

Operational Risk & Compliance

Our SMART advisory services consultants have gained experiences in a variety of public sector, financial services, supply chain and broader enterprise engagements. We help you take to scan your business landscape through the lens of a comprehensive risk assessment - both quantitative and qualitative, and advise you of your exposures, and then suggest your options and recommendations for risk management.

We are focused to lead our clients in aligning their financial and operational business activities with their companies' strategic goals and objectives. This Group engages to actively measure, monitor and optimize the performance of the business and its people; providing organizations with the framework and tools necessary to make smarter decisions that will improve their organizations' operations and profitability. We offer you a suite of risk management business consulting solutions, including outsourced services in human resources and contracting, procurement and/or supply chain management, as well as ongoing or project-specific consulting in identified risk areas and internal audit. For many of our clients, this is a convenient and cost-savings solution to managing risk. Our operational risk assessment business is designed to provide you with keen "Insights" that will support management decisions. Our Operational Risk & Compliance services include:

  • Business Performance Management, Metrics & Reporting
  • Business Transformation & Change Management
  • Comprehensive Control Documentation Assessments (Policies, Procedures, etc.)
  • Financial & Operational Process Efficiency
  • Internal Controls Assessments
  • Internal Audit & Compliance Staff Augmentation
  • Corporate Governance, Regulatory Risk & Compliance

Human Capital Management

Your employees are the foundation of your company's success. Ensuring that you have the best staff, properly trained, deployed, motivated and contributing toward the achievement of your goals and objectives is paramount for your business success. Our Human Capital Management Advisory Group provides its clients with a wealth of human resources training and development services.
  • Staffing Augmentation
  • Recruitment, Staffing & Talent Assessments
  • Talent Management (Strategic Sourcing & Retention)
  • Policies & Procedures Development
  • KISS Framework™ - Improved Work Performance & Productivity
  • Leadership Training, Mentoring, Coaching & Development
  • Organizational Capability Assessments
  • 360° SMART Insight Assessments Tool
  • Sustainable Workforce Initiatives
  • HR Management Program Reviews