“I have worked closely with SMART Insights Group, LLC as a business partner. SMART Insights Group, worked with us on a highly visible, long-term engagement with significant pressures and ambitious deadlines. They provided consummate leadership coupled with a highly technical background and a very effective management style. I would highly recommend SMART Insights Group, LLC.” - Manager (Financial Services), PricewaterhouseCoopers

“The Committee reiterates the sentiments expressed in hearings and in correspondence to the Chief Procurement Officer that SMART Insights Group, has consistently identified opportunities to create innovative and efficient business operations and improve compliance.” - Councilmember & Chairperson, District of Columbia

“From day one, SMART Insights Group, has demonstrated integrity, leadership and passion for OUR business success. SMART Insights Group, stands out as business leaders among their peers while constantly seeking to far exceed the requirements and expectations. Their impeccable business acumen and diverse backgrounds make them the “smart” choice.” - Manager, Office of Procurement Integrity & Compliance, District of Columbia

“I worked with SMART Insights Group, LLC, and was immediately impressed by their leadership and ability to work well with a diverse group of peers and executives. Not only did they take the initiative to assess our needs, but they readily shared their ideas and worked collaboratively to solicit input and recommendations. SMART Insights Group's ability to collaborate and effectively communicate made them the ideal business partner.” - Sr. Information Technology Manager

“I worked with SMART Insights Group, LLC on project that was very high profile and complex. It required them to be able to quickly grasp new concepts and leverage their strong understanding of Finance, Risk and Internal Controls. Throughout the project, SMART Insights Group, continually demonstrated that they were up to the task and capable of managing teams, project timelines, and delivering results in a transitioning business environment. My experiences with SMART Insights have left me impressed with their ability and character. I highly endorse SMART Insights Group, LLC.” - Deloitte & Touche, Senior Consultant, Enterprise Risk Services

“Wow, they get it done – and perhaps better than anyone else I know! SMART Insights Group, is forward-thinking, extremely bright, conscientious, and persistent. They’re precisely the team needed today, in a world where creativity matters as much as communication, experience, and knowledge. I've thoroughly enjoyed working with SMART Insights Group, and hope to have further opportunities in the future.” - Director - Infrastructure Projects

“I had the privilege of working closely with SMART Insights Group, LLC at IBM Corporation. They have a knack for delivering consistent, top performance and they are very successful in achieving S.M.A.R.T. goals. Their professionalism, depth of knowledge and teaming made them highly respected among all levels of executives, management and staff. They were consistently sought out for their “insights” - advice/counsel, and viewed as leaders that delivered value to every team and project. You can count on SMART Insights Group's dedication to any project, team, or business venture that they are part of.” - IBM Corporation, Manager Incentives & Commissions

“SMART Insights Group's eye for detail, creative ideas and commitment has significantly helped us grow our program and expand our reach. It's clear that they take pride in what they do and always look for ways to improve products and services. More significantly, they took the lead in developing a very impressive, comprehensive corporate strategy that laid the foundation for Corporations to fully support our initiatives. It was their leadership and initiative that resulted in the strategy being adopted and implemented at some of the largest corporations across America (Wal-Mart, Department of Homeland Security, Fannie Mae, COX Enterprises, etc.). In short, SMART Insights Group, gets the job done and remain atop my call list of partners that I always want on my team.” - Manager, National Urban League

“SMART Insights Group possesses a deep knowledge of risk management and governance principles. This, coupled with an understanding for complex business processes gives them the ability to clearly deliver a message as to why new tools, policies, procedures, or systems would prove helpful over the long term. I was impressed with their initiative, communication style, and ability to mitigate the challenges of creating new systems within a firm (i.e., managing staff to a certain level of quality, managing a consistent message from a team, managing the expectations of the client). They’re rainmakers!” - Director, Enterprise Risk

“SMART Insights Group are natural leaders with the innate ability to drive results. They are true assets to any team and/or organization, as they provide great insights and background to achieve organizational goals. Their commitment and dedication to the organization was unwavering; they were a delight to work with and true professionals.” - Senior Consultant, Human Capital Management - Management Training/Development

“SMART Insights Group, is an extremely intelligent, enthusiastic and innovative boutique firm capable of delivering strong results in a timely and professional manner. Just as important, they always demonstrated the highest levels of integrity, honesty and sincerity. I enthusiastically recommend SMART Insights Group, LLC.” - Principal, Yellowbrick Associates

“SMART Insights Group, has exceptional intellect, and can quickly analyze issues and develop creative, implementable, solutions. Their leadership team is strong – perhaps the best management team that I’ve ever met and worked with. They worked tirelessly and collaboratively to establish challenging but realistic goals. They remained focused on removing road blocks and insuring our team had the tools and information necessary to be successful. In other words, SMART Insights Group, really does what consultants are supposed to do (somewhat of a rarity, in my experience): they get work done through people and they work tirelessly and with a sense of passion and urgency. They would be a credit and an asset in any endeavor or enterprise.” - Manager, Strategy & Financial Operational

“My experience with SMART Insights Group, has been nothing short of exceptional. Frankly, they take charge; and are one of those rare consulting firms that not only listen well, but executes impeccably. In short, they say what they are going to do and then they do what they said. They have consistently over delivered on our projects thus far.” - CEO/Co-Founder, Financial Services Company

“SMART Insights Group, is a strategic leader with a primary focus on productivity and performance. They formulate and execute human resource policies and practices that produce positive competencies and behaviors that the government needs to achieve its strategic goals.” - Human Capital Officer, Office of the Chief Technology Officer, Government of the District of Columbia

“SMART Insights Group, possesses a unique blend of persistent enthusiasm, and thoughtful, reflective, observational skills that allows them to understand the strengths of those with whom they work and leverage that knowledge to ultimately help our team accomplish great things. Their strength comes not only from developing a strategic vision, but for getting full buy-in from those around them, resulting in an uncanny ability to translate that vision into reality. Their unsurpassed passion for the job is infectious and their desire to continuously teach and learn from those around them is genuine.” - Senior Fellow, Government of the District of Columbia

“The SMART Insights Group, firm is a leader's leadership team -- visionary, erudite, charismatic and passionate -- with impeccable integrity. They construct big picture frameworks and drill down to levels of nuanced detail. They are relentless in their pursuit of efficient and effective operations. SMART Insights Group, gives organizations their very best, and demands the same.” - Associate Director, DC Department of Human Resources

“The SMART Insights Group, team is among the most accomplished and agile team of thinkers that I've ever worked with, and their ability to execute is impressive. Together, we created a unique partnership that allowed for every District employee to take free continuing education classes as part of their benefits package. This initiative will do much to transform District employees and ensure our city is up to the challenges of the 21st century.” - Director of Continuing Education, Community College of the District of Columbia

“SMART Insights Group, continually displays a keen ability to see beyond simply the status quo. They operate with an entrepreneurial mindset that allows them to push the envelope and look for alternative solutions and new opportunities that create impact.” - Program Manager, Operation HOPE

“I have had the pleasure to have worked with members of SMART Insights Group, in a variety of capacities. They always demonstrated excellent character, dedication and commitment to excellence. I would highly recommend SMART Insights Group, and I am confident that they would benefit from their leadership, strong work ethics, charisma and wide range of business experiences.” - Assistant Inspector General, Office of Inspector General - Washington DC